It is a general understanding that Google Ads search format is best for any business. However, it is not the case; usually search format is preferred by advertisers as it provides clear visibility across google search. At times, search ad format fails miserably to generate results, however, the other ad format might generate huge favorable results. 

Case study: It has been observed that a particular industry fails to generate any results with search campaign however the same industry generate huge positive results with a display format (when setup professionally). 

Google ads provides different ad formats (majorly): search, display, video, shopping, mobile, call only & re-marketing. Each ad format has its own pros & cons; a proper understanding of the business & its goals. Professional google ads setup & its management can help businesses make the best from the world's top lead generation product: Google Ads

Google Ads PPC Services In Mumbai, India

Sunilkumar R. Goyal is a Sr. PPC SEO consultant based in Mumbai, India with over 12 years of experience in to digital space. Having done M.Com, MCRP (RM), with certification into Google & Amazon. Has worked on a wide range of facets of digital marketing. With experience on brands like Chemist Direct UK, Lenovo, Godrej, PUMA, Sennheiser, ITC, Disney, Lotus & many more; provides best of google ads ppc services in Mumbai, India. 

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