If a PPC consultant feels that ppc skill is the only requirement for good ppc account management then he or she is wrong. Usually most of the time you would hear from ppc consultants that he or she is not a content writer. However, it's a fact that when we talk about digital marketing the importance of content can not be ignored; any web skill & content go hand in hand. 

When we talk about the importance of content in ppc management... content has a bigger role to play. A ppc consultant is required to create ad-copies that goes well with the google guidelines, copy writing principles, business goals, adgroup, search queries & as per the landing page. A ppc consultant has also got a bigger task of landing page optimization. 

Hence, taking into consideration the above factors content can not be separated from ppc skills. A good ppc management can not come without content writing skills. It is rightly said that when we talk about web presence... "content is the king".