Google Adwords PPC & SEO go hand in hand when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, a best digital marketing strategy is the one which takes into account various channels of digital promotion. Each channel has its own importance ... the reach... & the quality of leads differ from channel to channel. Hence, the promotion / & lead generation must come through a mix of different digital marketing channels. 

In case when a new product is launched or an offer has been announced or a new startup has come into existence. In these situations Google adwords ppc could be of great help & support to the organizations as it can provide results very quickly as compared to SEO.

It is very easy to start spending money on AdWords and if you don’t have proper monitoring and control tools you will end up making losses instead of profits.

Adwords is that if you don’t use it correctly it will be like playing in a Casino where you spend money with the wishful thinking that sometimes you will get it back, but you never do... here comes the role of expert google adwords ppc specialist / consultant. 

On the other hand, it is not that SEO can be ignored... SEO must go hand in hand ... it will take it's own sweet time however the leads generated by SEO are of the best quality & worth.